Code of Conduct and Ethics


The MARTECHTRIBE B.V. assumes that:

  1. the client ultimately knows best what is good for him in his private as well as in his professional life, and based on his own considerations, can decide what to do or not. As a result, the client is also responsible for the choices he makes and is personally accountable for his behavior.
  2. the client and the consultant are completely equal in that they are both unique and complete people, full of possibilities.
  3. during consulting, the client’s goals, resources and choices have priority over those from the consultant.


Any consultant who is registered in the MARTECHTRIBE B.V., has stated to voluntarily and fully adhere to the EGC shown on the following pages.

The EGC has four sections:

  1. Respect
  2. Integrity
  3. Responsibility
  4. Professionalism

1. Respect

Respect refers to recognizing and respecting values ​​in general and a person’s

personal and human dignity in particular. A consultant expresses this

by following the rules of conduct below:

1.1 He approaches and treats everyone as equal. He does not favor anyone, nor

he puts someone behind. He does not discriminate on age, gender, race, skin color,

origin, social status, political affiliation, marital status, belief or any other distinction.

1.2 He recognizes everyone’s right to make choices, to develop, and to determine your own life course.

1.3 He allows his client the space to make his own decisions and to make changes

to earlier decisions, taking into account own standards, values, priorities and beliefs.

1.4 He stands up for the interests of the client, but also takes into account the interests of others, in the broadest sense of the word, and does not cooperate in matters that may cause harm to individuals, groups, organizations, society, or other things that deserve respect.

1.5 He takes into account the level of development, the possibilities and needs of

the client (physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual) never acts condescending, indifferent or admiring.

1.6 He acknowledges that he has special responsibility for standing up for the

 rights and human dignity of a client who is in a vulnerable or dependent

position without being able to stand up for itself.

1.7 A consultant is not only respectful of people – especially the client – but also with their ideas, their possessions and their living environment. The consultant is a role model for the client.

2. Integrity

A consultant should not only be able to build a relationship of trust in a short time

with a client, he must also maintain this relationship of trust. That only works as long as the

the client knows and feels that the consultant is honest. But that is not only why integrity is one of the main competences a consultant must possess. The integrity of each

consultant separately is important for all consultants in the profession together, since the

social image of one dishonest, unfair or unjust consultant can harm others.

A consultant demonstrates integrity both during and outside his professional practice, and

observes the following rules of conduct:

2.1 He is honest, reliable and sincere. He says what he does and does what he says.

2.2 He does not engage in practices that exceed the law or outside of generally accepted rules of decency.

2.3 He will treat confidentially all information about the client that he directly or indirectly received, or received by any other source, and indemnifies the client from misuse and unauthorized disclosure of data.

2.4 He does not abuse situations, circumstances or knowledge in which the client

depends on him, neither to favor himself or other relationships, nor to favor or

harm the client or relationships of the client.

3. Responsibility

A professional consultant assumes obligations by entering into a consultation relationship

not only to make heavy demands on his sense of responsibility, but also repercussions

on society in general and all those involved in the consultation process. A consultant proves that he acts in a responsible manner, and observes the following rules of conduct:

3.1 He recognizes the power inherent in his position and realizes that he is active both conscious (by giving directives) as unconscious (as a role model) can have great influence on the client and possibly also on third parties. That is why he is thoughtful, and acting with caution when making statements.

3.2 He promotes the well-being of the community in general and of participants in it, the consultation process in particular, and does not cause any damage.

3.3 He knows both the limitations of his profession and the limits of his personal competencies and ensures that it does not exceed either.

3.4 He is aware of his personal dignity and has insight into the influence of this on the exercise of his profession as a consultant.

3.5 If necessary, he accepts cooperation with other consultants and professionals, for example, if you have to work on large projects as a team.

3.6 He always implies the development and the interest of the entire person of the client thoughts, and will not do anything that can be considered unbalanced or disharmonic development.

3.7 He does not make the satisfaction of his own emotional and / or other needs depending on the relationship with a client.

3.8 He does not enter into a sexual or other intimate relationship during a consultation relationship with a client.

4. Professionalism

As the word suggests, professional consultants have turned consulting into their professions. Their customers, especially the clients, but also for example, companies that employ employees, managers or members of the board of directors not only expect professional consultants to consult them, they are even entitled to it. A professional consultant

who works professionally does so, among other things, by following the rules of conduct below:

4.1 He keeps his private life and work strictly separate from each other and not only makes sure one does not suffer damage from his action, but strives to bring it out best of both people. In that respect, he is a clear role model for the client.

4.2 He regularly examines himself, does self-reflection and adapts self-analysis

to examine how and in which direction he will take himself as a person and as a consultant to be able to continue to function optimally.

4.3 He keeps himself informed of developments, is open to new insights and researches new methods in the field of consulting, including reading (professional) literature, attending refresher courses, attending symposia, participate in peer review meetings, and / or use opportunities of supervision.

4.4 He has a professional liability insurance or has taken care in other ways that any damage that he can be held liable as a consultant, in reasonableness are covered. 4.5 He informs the client and / or other parties involved (for example the paying authority), on request, without restraint, what training or experience and qualifications he has and which methods and style he (mainly) uses in consulting. He has a curriculum vitae available that is kept up to date by him.

4.6 He distinguishes between a consultation relationship and other forms of relationship, such as a friendship and a business relationship and does not allow conflict of interest to occur. In the event of an imminent mingling of relationships, he will either terminate the consultation relationship or suspend the other relationship.

4.7 He is collegial towards other professional consultants and is willing to cooperate with continuing professionalisation of the profession and optimizing the image.

Anti-Corruption Code

This anti-corruption code, which also contains the policy of MARTECHTRIBE B.V. concerning sanctioned countries (hereinafter referred to as “Code”) applies to all activities of MARTECHTRIBE B.V. all over the world, whether performed directly by MARTECHTRIBE B.V. employees, or performed by third parties, including subsidiaries, joint ventures, agents, representatives, consultants, intermediaries, contractors, suppliers or other intermediaries under the actual authority of MARTECHTRIBE B.V. stand.

It is the policy of MARTECHTRIBE b.v. to be honest and conduct business ethically. MARTECHTRIBE B.V. uses one zero tolerance for bribery and corruption and is committed to act professionally, honestly and with integrity in all its business activities and relationships, wherever MARTECHTRIBE B.V. is active.

MARTECHTRIBE B.V. will abide by all relevant laws for combating bribery and corruption, both domestically and abroad. This Code has been developed for monitoring and signaling

actions that do not comply with the rules described herein, and to provide insight into doing business with bona fide parties and the anti-corruption policy of MARTECHTRIBE B.V., and takes precedence over other applicable anti-corruption codes or policies, unless expressly stated or otherwise agreed by MARTECHTRIBE B.V .

Items 1 through 5 of this Code describe minimum requirements for doing business with countries, entities and bodies subject to restrictive international measures, and also describe requirements for doing business where political contributions, charitable contributions and sponsorship, facilitation payments, gifts, hospitality and expenses are involved. The requirements in this Code do not replace national and international laws and regulations.

1. General behavior

As employees of MARTECHTRIBE B.V .:

  • we behave honestly, we are reliable and set the right example;
  • we ensure that our behavior is consistent with it policies and rules of MARTECHTRIBE B.V .;
  • we use the means of MARTECHTRIBE B.V. in the best importance of our organization and we do not abuse these resources;
  • we do not pay or accept bribes;
  • we make a clear distinction between the interests of MARTECHTRIBE B.V. and our private interests, and we avoid possible conflicts of interest;
  • we ensure compliance with national legislation;
  • we report incidents, risks and issues that are not in accordance with the policies of MARTECHTRIBE B.V.;
  • we constantly ensure that we maintain our personal integrity and the integrity of MARTECHTRIBE B.V. is preserved.

As management of MARTECHTRIBE B.V.:

  • we are committed to the policies contained in this Code and to make an ongoing effort to maintain integrity;
  • we ensure that MARTECHTRIBE B.V. meets the applicable national and international laws and regulations;
  • do we expect our partners and other business partners to do so, and that they comply with the policies contained in this Code.

2. Definition of corruption and bribery

Corruption is the abuse of entrusted powers for own benefit.

Bribery is the voluntary offering, receiving, promising or giving of an unjustified financial or other advantage with the aim of influencing a government official or an agent, officer or employee with regard to the implementation of the (official) tasks of the person concerned, in order to achieve, obtain or retain any business or other inappropriate benefit.

Political and charitable contributions and sponsorships

MARTECHTRIBE B.V. does not provide financial or other support to political parties or political campaigns. Support and donations to the community are acceptable on condition that they serve to support relevant social needs and that they are in the form of services in kind, knowledge transfer, exchange of services or direct financial contributions. This is always decided by the management of MARTECHTRIBE B.V.. However, the managers have to  ensure that charitable contributions and sponsorships are not used as one pretext for or form of bribery. Where it concerns donations and community support, consult MARTECHTRIBE B.V. prior to local stakeholders to clarify relevant needs.

3. Gifts, hospitality and expenses

Gifts or favors in any form that are offered or accepted, may not have a value higher than EUR 50. Favors in the form of travel, meals, receptions, sightseeing, gifts or other expenses may only be offered or given to individuals with a professional interest in the relationship. Reasonable exceptions are possible to this rule, those with restraint and should be after careful consideration applied. For such an exception is the preceding permission from the management of MARTECHTRIBE B.V. required.

Protection money

In some cases, protection money may be requested. This is a form of extortion that can be accompanied by physical threats. MARTECHTRIBE B.V. and its employees will not engage with such matters. It is the obligation of MARTECHTRIBE B.V. to protect every employee or partner and such incidents must be immediately reported to the management of MARTECHTRIBE B.V.. In certain situations, such threats can lead to the termination of business activities.

4. Facilitation payments

Facilitation payments are payments without any legal basis which are intended to implement a routine speed up of a government action by a government official, and not to gain or maintain a business or other inappropriate advantage. Facilitation payments are usually required by junior officials to provide a level of service one would be entitled to under normal circumstances. Facilitation payments are prohibited in most countries. When faced with a request for one facilitating payment, we will take the following steps:

  1. The government official who demands payment  will be requested to show the legislation that makes facilitation payment possible;
  2. Refuse if no legislation is shown;
  3. Say no again and refer to the ban on facilitating payments in anti-bribery laws and policies from MARTECHTRIBE B.V.;
  4. Inform the designated manager of MARTECHTRIBE B.V.;
  5. Report the incident to the designated confidential counselor of MARTECHTRIBE B.V..

5. Sanctioned countries

  • MARTECHTRIBE B.V. ensures that it is not directly or indirectly involved in international (non-) commercial research and / or educational projects in countries in conflict act with international sanctions rules. General sanction risk topics for MARTECHTRIBE B.V. include: anti-bribery, anti-cybercrime, anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing as stated in the sanction lists of the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States.
  • Restrictive measures (sanctions) apply to listed persons, entities and / or bodies as published by the EU in the consolidated sanctions list, by the United Kingdom listed by the Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation, and by the US in the Office of country list Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

6. Implementation


MARTECHTRIBE B.V. is responsible to ensure that all employees are informed and understand this Code. It is the responsibility of every MARTECHTRIBE employee B.V. bribery and corruption within MARTECHTRIBE B.V. to prevent and to adhere to the Code. Every manager and employee of MARTECHTRIBE B.V. has a independent obligation to ensure that every interaction with companies, government agencies or public officials complies with all relevant laws and regulations, as well as the requirements contained in this Code. It is the responsibility of each manager to implement this Code and ensure that all relevant employees and external parties acting on behalf of MARTECHTRIBE B.V. work within their area of ​​competence, understand and follow the procedure. Responsibility for implementation, monitoring and answering questions related to this Code lies with the unit managers of MARTECHTRIBEB.V.. The unit managers are the confidential advisers, who are the first point of contact for this Code. Any incidents and / or actions that conflict with the the contents of this Code or can be considered as such will be reported to the confidential advisor.

Business relations

Subsidiaries and business partners

MARTECHTRIBE B.V. acts carefully before entering into a relationship, engages with a business partner and ensures that subsidiaries and business partners know our Code and to respect it. In cases where MARTECHTRIBE B.V. participates in joint ventures, this Code will be issued by MARTECHTRIBE B.V. to be observed. The content of this Code will also include an important consideration when deciding whether or not MARTECHTRIBE B.V. will participate, or will continue to participate, in a project or joint venture.

Distributors and Agents

The fee paid to distributors and agents must be an appropriate and justified compensation for legitimately provided services. The relationship with MARTECHTRIBE B.V. must be documented and the agent or distributor must agree to comply with this Code. MARTECHTRIBE B.V. reserves the right to terminate the relationship in the event of breach of this Code.

Contractors and suppliers

MARTECHTRIBE B.V. procures and purchases in a fair and transparent manner, and acts carefully when assessing important potential contractors and suppliers. We will notify our contractors and suppliers of this Code. MARTECHTRIBE B.V. reserves the right to terminate the relationship in the event of violation of this Code. MARTECHTRIBE B.V. avoid doing business with contractors and suppliers known to pay bribes.

Each employee will receive information regarding compliance with this Code and new employees will be informed as part of their introduction. When an employee broadcast to a country with high levels of corruption (CPI <40) the responsible unit manager will oblige him or her to follow anti-corruption training.


MARTECHTRIBE B.V. has a number of procedures covered by this Code, including risk assessment procedures, due third-party diligence and communication.


No employee will be punished or otherwise adversely affected by compliance with this Code, even if it is can lead to MARTECHTRIBE B.V. losing business activities. Failure to comply with the policies set forth in this Code is a reason for disciplinary action, which may also include resignation from the role.

Last updated: 29-05-2018


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