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Customer Technology

Independent Business-Driven Technology Research, Benchmarks & Selections

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Martech Research

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Martech Benchmarks

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Martech Selections

Trusted by many great brands

Our Martechtribe consultants and team served 200+ global brands and 4,500+ marketers.

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Customer testimonials

"A Martech Strategy was urgently needed ... and that on the basis of a global benchmark market model without bias and interspersed with supplier lingo“.

Thorsten Schapmann

Marketing Director Digital Europe, Beiersdorf

"The MarTech benchmark forms the framework, structure and basis for prioritizing and selecting the right applications together with marketing, sales and IT."

Marco Heller

Director Global Brand Management GARDENA Division Husqvarna Group

"It helped us a lot to assess and revise our own development plan"

Stefanie Siebels

VP Global Marketing Campaigns - 3M Health Care Business Group

"The quality and depth in content ... the MarTech benchmark and the Marketing Tech Monitor define the playing field"

Dirk Rockendorf

Head of Marketing Aftermarket & Digitalization, Continental Automotive Technologies GmbH

"The benchmark together with the annual Marketing Tech Monitor brings solution-oriented transparency to the MarTech market and, above all, gives us valuable impulses to challenge and further develop our own MarTech."

Kirsten Nachtigall

VP Marketing, RTL Broadcasting

"Here is a compliment: self-assessment, analysis and also the explanations; everything just super professional and very helpful!”

Rolf Kreuzer

CTO, Migros

"Thanks again for the report and insights. It certainly triggered us to give several Martech topics some deep thought."

Maik Johnke

Director Digital Transformation, BioNTech SE

"An absolutely helpful tool to benchmark and challenge your own MarTech set-up. A well-structured report."

Andrea Spielmann

CMO, Lorenz Bahlsen Snack-World

“Instead of subjective evaluations by users, a comparison is made here against 950+ MarTech development plans in addition to an overall market model – more transparency and depth of content is hardly feasible.”

Thomas M. Koller

Head of Brand, Marketing and Communication, VDE Group

"Thanks very much for the interesting presentation. We'll have a closer look and share it with our stakeholders in our company"

Christiane Frisch

Manager Digital Marketing, Kia Motors Europe

"Very thought provoking and useful tools indeed."

Chris Cave

Manager Digital Marketing, Total UK, Lubricants Division

“Terrific – I am infinitely more confident in our tech plays. I’m thrilled with the insight, responsiveness, creativity and affability you have demonstrated at every turn”

VP Marketing

USA retailer

“The benchmark really helped us answer our burning question to first fix our CMS or replace it altogether. The steps we defined have proven to be very effective.”


Financial Magazine Publisher

“You put great structure to Martech landscape and much more. Thank you for that!”

Łukasz Maroszczyk

Global B2B Digital Marketing Activation Lead, Signify (Philips)

“Your CRM advice really made a difference! You gave clear guidelines as to what features to look for related to the stage of my company and possible growth paths.”

Chief Executive Officer

Electrical Automotive company in the Netherlands

“Thank you very much for the inspiring presentation. I truly enjoyed it!”

Kasper Otto Kaas

Global Brand Creation Manager, Philips

“I have a much better idea how my stack compares to other companies, what's missing based on how my peers are approaching it versus sales reps or outside consultants”

Julie (Tucker) Legrand

Head Of Marketing, Inspirage

“The details this quick survey provides are very insightful. I like how it lists out your technology by category in the "Stack Completeness" section. Almost a mini martech stack picture for companies just starting out!”

Stacy Falkman

Marketing Technology Manager

“I showed the CX Tech report to my team today, great success in creating a common ground and understanding in the team.”

Odd Morten Sørensen

Growth Hacker at NTE

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Unique Martech Data Warehouse

Together with hundreds of Martech experts across the globe we collect and share the latest data and insights. Based on this, we created a unique Martech Data warehouse and 3 databases where we publish the latest findings and trends.

Illustration showing the Stack Database

Global Martech stack database

  • 950+ real-life marketing stacks
  • 950+ company backgrounds (country, revenue, staff)
  • 16 different industries
  • 41 different countries
  • 5 Capability Maturity levels
Screenshot of the MartechMap

Global Martech vendor database

  • 10,000 global Martech solutions
  • 9,261 vendor backgrounds (country, revenue, staff)
  • 4,777 European Martech solutions (HQ)
  • 49 Martech subcategories
Illustration showing the Requirements Heatmaps, with Long LIst, Must Have, Could Have, Should Have and the "Sweet Spot" called out

Global Martech requirements database

  • 16 Martech categories
  • 4,079 requirements
  • 369 marketing use cases
  • 414 ROI benchmarks
  • 226 feature sets
Graphic showing a table of must have, could have and should have, highlighting the "sweet spot".

Upgrade your stack

Compare your marketing, sales and service technology against the market and similar organizations. Find gaps, overlaps, and missing trends in your Martech stack so that you can quickly learn what to improve next.


Select the best tool

Find out what features really drive value for your company, and see what tools best fit your stack and business requirements.

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Let's Meetup

Martech Keynotes

Hunter Valley, Australia
Marketing Tech Symposium - September 2024 - Australia
Doorn, the Netherlands
Agile Consortium - 16th of November 2023 - the Netherlands
Anaheim, California
MOps-Apalooza - 5th of November 2023 - USA (LA)
London, UK
AntiConLX Global - 19th of October 2023 - UK
Brno, Czech Republic
Kentico Partner Event - 18th October 2023 - Czech Republic
Helsinki, Finland
Martech Nordic - 5th of October 2023 - Finland
Leusden, the Netherlands
Data Driven Digital Marketing Event - 21st September 2023 - The Netherlands
Rise Up summit - 13th September 2023 - Dubai
Berlin, Germany
Marketing Tech Summit 2023 - 11th of September - Germany
Utrecht, the Netherlands
Martech Festival - 7th of September 2023, the Netherlands
Uptempo Leadership Series - 27th of June 2023 - Online
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
DDMA Email Marketing Automation Summit - 22nd June 2023 - The Netherlands
London, UK
AntiConLX Global - May 2023 - UK
Uptempo Leadership Series - 11th of May 2023 - Online
Uptempo Leadership Series - 23rd March 2023 - Online
London, UK
AntiConLX Dial Up - February 2023 - Online
Hamburg, Germany
Marketing Tech Lab webinar - February 2023 - Online
Adetem.org webinar - Januari 2023 - France
Brussels, Belgium
KPMG Martech Event - January 2023 - Belgium
Martech Keynotes

Let’s meet up

November 2022, The Netherlands

Deutscher Marketing Tag

November 2022, Germany

Martech Symposium 3rd

November 2022, Australia

SAS Martech Event

November 2022, the Netherlands

KPMG Martech Event

January 2022 - Brussels, Belgium

EY Martech webinar

January 2022 - Amsterdam, NL

E-commerce Expo

February 2023, Sweden

Marketing Tech Lab webinar

February 2023, Hamburg, Germany

AntiConLX Dial Up

23rd Feb 2023, London, UK

Uptempo Leadership Series

23rd March 2023, Webinar

Adetem.org webinar

7th June 2023, France

AntiConLX Global - May

25th May 2023, London, UK

Uptempo Leadership Series

1st of June 2023, Webinar

Email Marketing Automation Summit

22nd of June 2023, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Uptempo Leadership Series

29th of June 2023, Webinar

AntiConLX Global - October

19th of October 2023, London, UK

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