300+ stats to build your Martech Business Case

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The pandemic has given digital transformation a major boost. CMO’s are moving towards more digital offerings and business models. Here’s a list of MarTech ROI stats, to help you pick your next MarTech innovation.

Digital Transformation has steadily taken shape for almost a decade now. But the current pandemic has given technology innovation and adoption a real boost. The marketing technology space is riddled with opportunity right now. And you’ve found the perfect blog post to help you get started.

When we’re talking about a boom in martech adoption, we’re not just talking about the spectacular growth of Zoom or LogMeIn. Videoconferencing is a great catalyst, but the real shift is broader than that. We, as martech network, feel the martech market as a whole has entered a ‘new normal’.

In our MartechTribe network we really felt a shift coming. And now, a few weeks later, the numbers to back up our suspicion are in. 93% of companies say that they are accelerating their cloud deployments, to support digital transformation. Moreover, 85% CMOs report an increased openness to new digital offerings introduced during the pandemic, and 84% place an increased value on digital experiences. Something is definitely happening.

Beyond Zoom. Towards New Business Models

Our clients request insights across the entire Martech landscape. They are busy building business cases. TrustRadius ranked some of the most popular Martech ones.

# Category - Growth

1. Web Conferencing -500%

2. Mobile App Development - 366%

3. Antivirus - 357%

4. Remote Desktop - 281%

5. Video Platforms - 265%

6. Webinar - 226%

7. Web Portal - 199%

8. Live Chat - 194%

In a report on The State of Remote Work, 98% said they’d like to work remotely at least some of the time. But the marketing technology shift goes way beyond flawless collaboration with remote working colleagues. 80% of executives were concerned that their current business models were at risk of being disrupted in the near future. 84% reported that innovation is essential to their growth strategy. Combine that with the increased openness to new digital experiences that Covid brought, and you’ve got yourself the perfect storm.

Now is the time for change. How much more of a sign do you need? Managers feel the need for transformation and so do their customers. But how can we spark them into forward motion? Say you wanted to shake things up next Monday morning, where should you start? In the Supergraphic below are more than one hundred MarTech ROI statistics to help you prioritize.

Digital transformation: Picking the highest R on your I

We set out to create the -arguably- definitive list of marketing technology ROI statistic one liners out there, extracted from hundreds of different reports, ordered by Martech Supergraphic Landscape categories and subcategories.

It basically tells you what effects you can expect from different marketing activities, and the tools you need to make it happen. When you have these numbers top of mind and ready to present, it’ll be much easier to convince your boss to set aside some budget for that exciting new marketing activity, or tool (or even a new business model) you have in mind.

With the martech revolution happening as we speak, now is the ideal time to put your marketing technology tools under a magnifying glass. It’s time to double check whether your tools are still effective, whether your marketing budget is still assigned in the most efficient way possible, to pull ahead of your competitors.

We’re planning on updating and expanding this list of one liners periodically. We’ll be adding many more stats over time. So after you’re done reading today, check back in a few months to see what’s new. Do you have some additional, equally compelling stats you want to share? Just send us an email or drop a link in our Tribe’s sheet here.