Six New Country Marketing Technology Landscapes contain 68% undiscovered tools!

We proudly launch six New Country Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphics of Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain and Switzerland. Discover new martech tools developed by your fellow countrymen, and find out how your country compares to others.

The Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic’s visual approach is almost certain to evoke a strong emotional response.

A number like 7.040 is just a number like any other one, in a way. But when you see 7.000+ colorful logos lined up to remind you that there are actually 7.000+ vibrant and ambitious organizations and tens of thousands of people working every day to improve their beloved product, it’s dazzling!

And that is just the supply side. On the demand side, there are millions of marketers trying to figure out which new marketing technology suits their company best, pairing tool features to company goals as best they can.

When you think about it, you wouldn’t want to be in their shoes... yet here we all are, marketing technologists, trying to make sense of it all, and having quite a lot of fun doing it.

These new country landscapes just made marketing technologists’ jobs even more intriguing.

Meet the Tribe

In May 2019, we gathered together a team of marketing technology experts/enthusiasts on Slack, with the aim to unlock Martech’s potential in any way, shape or form. Together with this team of Martech experts we started exploring which software is most often used in Martech Stacks, in 6 articles, “Unlocking The Full ‘Marketing Technology Supergraphic’ Potential”.

With the ‘multinational’ background of the team (10+ countries!), it quickly became apparent what our second project should be: sourcing the local, undiscovered tools marketers use every day.

Making the country landscapes presented below has been as much fun as we ever had in martech. Co-creating with our ever growing panel of marketing enthusiasts has been a magnificent experience!

The Country Landscapes received a warm welcome on LinkedIn!

We identified 439 tools from either Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain or Switzerland. 68% of those haven’t surfaced on any other Supergraphic before.

Why is that important? Well, it means we can equip you, dear marketer, with new martech superpowers! It isn’t just something we believe, you proved it in the past week!

Just the pre-release of draft landscapes we shared in the past week yielded more than 30k+ views on LinkedIn, hundreds of likes, and dozens of new tool submissions (as per Wednesday 10-07-2019 : 2pm)!

We’re clearly on to something here!

Why Do Country Marketing Technology Supergraphics Matter?

We found that 73% of the tools in the famous Supergraphic of Scott Brinker are US based. From our daily practice we know that marketers sometimes prefer, or simply need, a local player.

In this article we explain three reasons why to use a country Supergraphic. E.g. it has to do with language barriers, legal issues, local currencies and the like.

Apart from these Local Heroes, sometimes local players are so sophisticated that they deserve a global stage, the so-called Hidden Gems. And some... some are just categories of their own, like Game Changers.

But there is more. We found a fourth reason. Looking at the graph below we see that some countries are more specialized in certain ‘Jobs to be Done’ or Martech categories. Here are some quick conclusions.

  • Belgium has a focus on creating Social & Relationships and Data software.
  • Italy seems to focus more on Advertising & Promotions, as well as Social & Relationships.
  • The Netherlands has a strong focus on building Content & Experience tools.
  • New Zealand has a focus on Content & Experience too, but also plays strongly in Management.
  • Spain seems to have a balanced spread across all categories.
  • Switzerland has embraced the development of Management software.

One more thing to mention. For the sake of global consistency and our future research, we stuck to Scott Brinker’s categorization as much as possible. There is one exception. We have added the subcategory called PIM / MDM under the Content & Experience column. Managing marketing product information felt pivotal to us. Often PIM / MDM form the linking pin between logistical ERP data and Marketing Communication content on products.

Six glorious country landscapes

Now, onwards to what you’ve been waiting for. Ready? Feast your eyes on six brand new country landscapes.

As always, if you know of a tool that should be added to any of our country landscapes, let us know.

Belgium Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic

Download it here

Italy Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic

Download it here

The Netherlands Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic

Download it here

New Zealand Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic

Download it here

Spain Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic

Download it here

Switzerland Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic

Download it here